Djim Reynolds - Production Sound Recordist

Working with you to achieve great sound

Sound Devices MixPre3ii
Zoom F8N Pro

(2) Danish Pro Audio 4017B short shotgun microphones
Danish Pro Audio 4018 Hyper-cardioid capsule
Oktava MK012 (2) Bello Nero Hyper-cardioid microphones
Sanken CUB-01 boundary microphone
Danish Pro Audio Lavaliers (3) 4071
Danish Pro Audio Lavaliers (2) 4061
Danish Pro Audio Lavaliers (3) 6061
3Dio custom-made binaural microphone with DPA omni capsules and custom preamp.
Beesneez "Frank" large diaphragm tube condenser microphone
CoreAudio Tetramic- 4 element VR microphone system

Audio Limited A-10/A-20 digital Wideband wireless system 1 Receiver and 2 transmitters
Sennheiser G3 and G4 wireless kits, including 1 handheld mic and plug-on transmitter.
Sennheiser G4 camera hops
Sennheiser G4 in-ear monitor/foldback systems

BeyerDynamic DT48 headphones
BeyerDynamic DT770 headphones
Sony MDR7506 headphones

VandenBerg 8' carbon fiber boom pole
Ambient 18' carbon fiber boom pole
Ambient 8' carbon fiber boom pole
K-Tek 6' aluminum boom pole

Tentacle Sync E boxes
Deity TC-SL1 digital time code slate and (3) TC boxes

Focusrite Clarett 4PreUSB 8 channel audio interface

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